Different Designs In Diamond Wedding Ring For Men And Women

Different Designs In Diamond Wedding Ring For Men And Women

Wedding is an auspicious bond shared between two people which is also a symbol of dedication, trust, love, understanding, and commitment. Also, an engagement ring has a lot of importance in the life of a couple which acts as a pure symbol of dedication, love and beautiful journey of two people who decide to spend their lives together.

The engagement ring is usually worn on the left finger which is the finger that has a direct connection to the heart. The trend of proposing a person with an engagement ring has come from ancient Egyptian times. It can also be described as a symbol of eternity to the relationship which remains always with a person.

Various things need to be considered while choosing from diamond wedding rings.

Find the style of your partner

It is essential to choose an engagement ring that is according to the taste and style of a person. Thus, buy an engagement ring from a reputed jeweller who has a wide range of styles in the engagement ring. Also, choose a jeweller that custom jewelry design ring for the person according to the taste and needs of a person. Further, the ring should also be chosen according to the lifestyle and personality of a person that is within the budget of a person. 

Consider the metal option for the ring

One of the most vital things to be considered is to choose the right metal for the ring that accentuates the design and overall look of the ring. It is important to choose minutely the precious metal for your engagement ring. There can be a host of colours of metals such as yellow, white or white rose for various metals such as gold, platinum, and palladium. The white gold and palladium are generally identical in hue and are silvery white. If someone prefers a golden look then the yellow gold ring is the perfect option.  

Choose the ring according to the accurate size

The size of the ring finger of your partner must be measured by the professional locksmith to get the accurate size of the finger. Also, the online ring size guide can be used to determine the exact size of the ring finger. The ring should be chosen according to the perfect fit as the ring which fits perfectly look good and classy. 

Thus, all the above tips should be considered before buying the to make the right choice. 

Finest Diamond Wedding Rings For Bridal

Finest Diamond Wedding Rings For Bridal

Once you have found the partner of your dreams, the next thing comes to share the bond with perfect jewelry type. And everybody knows that nothing can do better than the rings. But picking jewelry for wedding or engagement requires great efforts. You need to have a clear vision of how to pick the most dazzling and pleasing piece that can flaunt the beauty and showcase the love for your partner. 

So, to help you with your research and decision-making, we have compiled below some of the tips for finding the finest Diamond Wedding Rings  for brides.

1. Begin With An Early Research

If you have a clear idea of what type of ring to get then the next task comes to try those all. Take your time to visit the various ring shops, determine the quality, compare the prices, and then make the decision. And if you are thinking of engraved or customized rings then make your mind early to get the piece on time.

2.  Set A Budget

Shop with a clear budget and your affordability. The rings come with a variety of options like engraved rings, embellished rings, colored gemstones, and more. So, include these factors to your consideration early if want to go with any of these ring options. Further, the cost of engraved or embellished rings depends on the number of characters, stones, whether it will be handmade or machine-made and more.

3. Think About Longevity

It is not wrong to be trendy but make sure you pick the style that lasts for long years. Again this is not a thing of stress as you can make changes in your jewelry or rings anytime and of any type as per the trends or your desires.

4. Quality Is Crucial

Quality control is vital in every type of jewelry whether it be Women’s Diamond Rings, necklaces, earrings or something else. Make sure the ring consists of two accreditation marks that are of manufacturers trademark and quality mark. This is to ensure the quality, reliability, and originality of the product. 

But in all these hassles, don’t forget to have fun as it is a special day of your life. However, you can also visit at Nikki M Jewelry where you can shop a variety of jewelry as per your desires. So, count on all these tips and shop the right wedding ring for your partner. All the Best!

Buy Now Latest Diamond Earrings and Rings

Buy Now Latest Diamond Earrings and Rings

Since, from the very start of life, jewelry has always been a part of every culture worldwide. Jewelry serves different purposes and means distinct for every individual. Apart from fashion, jewelry represents relationships too. People not only wear the jewelry to make style statements, look elegant on various occasions but also gift the jewelry as their token of love.

Trending EarringsHowever, custom jewelry is dominating the whole world nowadays and every woman gets the jewelry designed the way they want. You can buy the ready made jewelry to customized ones whatever you want. Here below we have gathered some of the trending options of rings and Diamond Earrings that every woman loves to adore and wear.

1. Drop Earrings

No matter what type of earring material you prefer, drop earrings were always in fashion and are still trending. You can find a variety of drop earring styles from flashy gold to those elegant diamond loops, all are just excellent. Such dangling earrings of small to large size looks perfect when worn and adds elegance to your overall appearance.

2. Small Hoop Earrings

Small hoop earrings look like something that was worn by our grandmas in those ancient days. These earrings have come back in the trend and are kicking all other styles. You can find them in small sizes and wear them daily adding a noticeable effect to your outfit too.

3. Diamond & Color Stones Rings

The demand for natural diamond and colored stone rings is rising every day. The reason is their extreme sustainability and the brilliance. Most of the jewelry brands are focusing on providing the rings made of natural diamond or color stones making it the centerpiece to further flaunt the ring as well as the personality of the individual who is going to wear it.

4. Halo Style Rings

Halo style rings are widely popular and meant mostly for the engagement purpose. These halo rings can be found in any shape from pear, oval to marquise. Moreover, choosing the right material for getting a Halo ring designed can make a huge difference in your appearance. So, ensure you choose the right shaped Diamond Engagement Rings complementing the fingers and overall personality too.

So, whenever you head towards buying any jewelry, go through the latest trends first so you can make the right choice and not the outdated one. Moreover, you can also visit Nikki M Jewelry where you can find the trending rings and earrings of distinct varieties. You can also pick the one that suits best to your personality to cheer your style or any upcoming event. Good Luck!

How To Choose The Right Jewelry Based On Your Outfit

How To Choose The Right Jewelry Based On Your Outfit

What can be more hectic that finding the right jewelry that can match your outfit? Picking a good choice can make you look awesome but too many options can lead to dreadful dressing.

Jewelry is an important part of your style and every dress is unique in its own way, so it is crucial to make informed decisions to keep up your style game making perfect coordination with the outfit too.

Here below we have gathered some of the best ways to how to pair up the right jewelry according to your dress.

1. Jewelry That Suits Skin Tone

It’s quite obvious that matching the perfect jewelry with the outfit can make you stand unique and amazing in-crowd but picking the jewelry matching with your skin tone will make you look more awesome. There are two popular shades & stones that can match the dark skin tone as well as the cool skin tone people – silver, gold, sapphire, opal etc. So, choose the one as per your skin but don’t forget that experimenting with the style always work if one has the confidence of carrying their uniqueness.

2. Outfit’s Neck Design

The centerpiece of any dress or outfit is the necklaces. It should be paired up with your upper wear that can be anything like a blouse, t-shirt or anything else. Moreover, the necklace or neck-piece should match with the neck design of your outfit too. For instance, heart-shaped necklines go well with the pendant style necklace whereas turtle neck designs look amazing with no neck accessory at all.

3. Size Of Jewelry Is The Key

Size of the jewelry is very important to consider while making a match with the outfit. Picking the small jewelry can be overshadowed by your dress whereas large or heavy jewelry can make your outfit look more messed or clumsy. So, choose jewelry according to the outfit. For instance, if you are wearing jeans and a simple blouse or t-shirt then you can pair up it with a necklace or thick bangles. Similarly, if you are going to wear some patterned dress then it would be better to pair up it with a small pearl necklace or stud earrings.

Although jewelry & outfit is crucial, the type of occasion also plays a significant role in deciding whether to go with custom jewelry or something else to get the right style for the day. So, what are you waiting for? Get started with pairing up your outfit with the best ever accessory for the upcoming occasion.

Tips on Buying Diamond Engagement Rings For Men

Tips on Buying Diamond Engagement Rings For Men

There are very few days in our life that comes to us as memories which we cherish for a lifetime and engagement day is one of them. Though every single thing about your big day feels to be very exciting, there is something that holds more importance and value than clothes, photography, and meeting guests. Yes, we are talking about the engagement rings. Even if it is the most loving thing for both would be husband and wife, most women want their beloved fiance to feel special. Here we have a list of a few things which you need to keep in mind while finding any perfect mens engagement rings.

Plan your budget: the very first thing which you need to work when you are planning for any custom jewelry for your man is to plan your budget. This is very important because planning for your big day needs you to invest in so many things either it is decor, catering, or venue, etc. Thus, it is essential that you have a well-defined budget for the dream ring which you are planning for your man.

Find the ring size: the second thing which you need to do is know about the right size of the ring for your husband. This needs you to be very precise because finding an ill fit could spoil the entire excitement. Therefore, you can simply explore the ring collection of your man out of their accessory box to find the right size.

Explore the designs: the next step which you may need to do is consider giving a hit to the style that will best suit the occasion. For instance, if you want to spend big money you can check anything from the collection of Diamond Wedding Rings or you can keep it simple and classy with a wedding band that will make it look graceful when worn by your beloved boyfriend.  

Consider the style: last but not the least, this is actually the most important step of finding the perfect ring for your engagement. Before you make any purchase, make sure you consider the personality and style of your would be husband. All you need to understand that if your husband prefers a minimalistic look or he is a little more loud with the choices of stones or diamonds.

 So, if you are planning to buy a fancy engagement ring for your loved ones to add more lively memories to your life, make sure you consider all these points for finding the perfect engagement ring. All the best!

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Some Stunning Diamond Wedding Rings Ideas You Will Find Hard To Say No

Some Stunning Diamond Wedding Rings Ideas You Will Find Hard To Say No

If you are an active social media user and you are highly fantasized with the idea of wedding rings, it is very likely that you would have reached the celebrity pages, event pages, and of course the jewelry pages that keeps you posted about all the latest trends when it comes to fashion in jewelry. However, even if you have a great connection to all these sources, one thing which you may still find difficult to handle is finding a perfect set of Diamond wedding rings for your big day.

In the next few minutes, we will be taking you through a ride of wedding ring ideas that may help you make a perfect choice. Let’s start.

A Non-traditional Design: first of all, you should sail your search to find wedding rings by thinking out of the box. This may need you to pick those wedding ring styles which stand out of the traditional setup. For instance, you may simply move to the bezel set up which not only keeps the stone safe but also prevent tangling into the hair. Moreover, you can also pick the bar set for the ring where the stone or diamond sits right in the middle of two thin bars.

Play for Shape: the next thing which you can try to get a wedding ring or searching for wedding bands for women is to play with the shapes. This needs you to move out of the track purchasing a regular round design as you can go for square or you can go for a forever ring studded with small diamonds all around giving you an evergreen piece of jewelry.

Vintage Styles: for every man and woman, it is the most exciting chapter of their life to experience togetherness which comes from the exchange of the rings. So, if you want to move out of the existing trends in the rings, you may still jump for something exotic with the vintage style. This can be a pure solitaire or maybe floral band giving you a great story to add to your wedding memories.

Simply Minimalistic: last but not least, if you are in search of decent wedding diamond rings, you can pick a thin design that gives a perfect taste of minimalistic yet elegant look. For example, you can get a thin band with a small diamond hooked from the four corners to have a classic wedding ring.

So, if you are a couple who are deeply excited to make your wedding day memorable in every sense especially when it comes to wedding rings, now you have some amazing ideas to consider for finding a unique ring giving you memories to cherish.

Let us help you make your wedding day more perfect. Visit us for finding stylish wedding diamond rings.

You Must Know Before You Go jewelry Stores

You Must Know Before You Go jewelry Stores

Weddings and jewellery are always synonymous with each other. This is especially true in the case of Indian weddings where jewellery plays a significant role in the bridal trousseau. Whether you plan to have a grand, traditional wedding or an intimate, contemporary one, jewellery shopping for your big day can get a bit overwhelming due to the abundance of styles and patterns present in the market. Apart from quintessential designs, it is also vital to focus on the quality of the jewels, making the entire task of shopping pretty mind-boggling. Let’s take a look at the top five factors you need to consider before stepping out for bridal jewellery shopping.

Digital media has taken the world by storm, and online jewellery stores are proof to this. Instead of buying jewellery the traditional way, you can try opting for online jewellery shopping. Make sure you select guaranteed and refundable ornaments. It is always best to choose a reputed and certified jeweller to steer clear of online fraud. You can also check the reviews of the jeweller online for a hassle-free purchase. Also, ensure you go through the return policy, time of delivery and mode of refund for a smooth shopping experience.


Play with colour at jewelry Stores

Play with colour at jewelry Stores

The easiest way to do this is by using bracelets and rings in different tints and stones. Make a statement and personalise your look with the gemstone of your birth month. You could use gemstones or metals of other colours as accents. Stagger rings with stones, so they don’t line up vertically. Not only will this be comfortable for you, but it will also look more appealing.Size is a great way to add variety to your bracelet and ring stacks. Stick to one or two cuffs for your bracelet stack and a statement ring for your ring stack. This way, you can avoid your forearm and fingers looking chunky and heavy. Use few broad bands or several thin bands to create different looks and feels.

If your job involves typing a lot, then wearing a sack of chunky bracelets will hold back on your productivity. Try wearing delicate bracelets and rings, so you get maximum comfort without compromising on style. Similarly, use your rings and bracelets on your non-dominant arm to avoid any discomfort. You can also check out our blog on jewellery styles that work for the office.

The secret to the perfect stack of bracelets and rings is confidence. As long as you love the combination you’ve created, that’s what matters. You can be classical or trendy, vintage or bohemian. Stacking bracelets and rings have no rules.

Perfect Stack with Rings & Bracelets

Perfect Stack with Rings & Bracelets

Good things come in small packages, and the latest jewellery trends come in Nikki M jewelry stores. Bracelet stack sets and ring stacks are one of the top jewellery trends  and what’s not to love about it? Stacking your jewellery essentially means layering two or more pieces of jewellery to create a new look. Stacking is a great way for your creativity to shine, to flaunt your style and personality. Not to mention, the possibilities are endless. Assembling a stylish stack of jewellery isn’t a difficult task. You can master the art with a few basic guidelines. Whether you’re edgy, a minimalist, a free-spirited bohemian or a vintage lover, all you need to remember is to mix various textures, shapes, colours and finishes. But that doesn’t mean you wear every single bracelet in your jewellery box. Stacking jewellery is more about which pieces you wear, rather than how many. Here are a few tips that will help you ace this trend.

If your job involves typing a lot, then wearing a sack of chunky bracelets will hold back on your productivity. Try wearing delicate bracelets and rings, so you get maximum comfort without compromising on style. Similarly, use your rings and bracelets on your non-dominant arm to avoid any discomfort. You can also check out our blog on jewellery styles that work for the office.

The secret to the perfect stack of bracelets and rings is confidence. As long as you love the combination you’ve created, that’s what matters. You can be classical or trendy, vintage or bohemian. Stacking bracelets and rings have no rules.



One Of The Four Precious Stones in jewelry stores

One Of The Four Precious Stones in jewelry stores

Sapphires are one of the four precious stones along with diamonds, rubies, and emeralds in jewelry stores. It is a variety of corundum or aluminum oxide and can be found in different colors, popular to contrary belief. While the blue sapphire is the most famous and well-known around the world, the gem is also found in colors like green, pink, yellow, purple, black and white.

There is no exact date to pinpoint when sapphires were first discovered or where. But their presence is seen in several parts of the world. Even the name “sapphire” was used differently. In ancient Greece for instance, sapphire was called sapheiros or “blue colored stone”. In Hebrew, it was called sappir or “the most beautiful thing”. Many linguists also believe that sapphire comes from the Sanskrit word Santi Priya meaning “dear to Saturn”. This is because of the belief that the gemstone is representative of the planet Saturn. Most of sapphires myths and legends revolve around the blue sapphire.