Play with colour at jewelry Stores

The easiest way to do this is by using bracelets and rings in different tints and stones. Make a statement and personalise your look with the gemstone of your birth month. You could use gemstones or metals of other colours as accents. Stagger rings with stones, so they don’t line up vertically. Not only will this be comfortable for you, but it will also look more appealing.Size is a great way to add variety to your bracelet and ring stacks. Stick to one or two cuffs for your bracelet stack and a statement ring for your ring stack. This way, you can avoid your forearm and fingers looking chunky and heavy. Use few broad bands or several thin bands to create different looks and feels.

If your job involves typing a lot, then wearing a sack of chunky bracelets will hold back on your productivity. Try wearing delicate bracelets and rings, so you get maximum comfort without compromising on style. Similarly, use your rings and bracelets on your non-dominant arm to avoid any discomfort. You can also check out our blog on jewellery styles that work for the office.

The secret to the perfect stack of bracelets and rings is confidence. As long as you love the combination you’ve created, that’s what matters. You can be classical or trendy, vintage or bohemian. Stacking bracelets and rings have no rules.